Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. – Walt Disney

Welcome to Raising Disney Addicts!

We are a family who enjoys anything and everything Disney! Join us this summer as we take on as many of the fun Disney crafts and recipes we can find. Along the way we will also be sharing some of our favorite Disney moments.

Years ago, we came across one of Disney’s Instagram summer contests and instantly became “addicted” to Disney crafts. Every May I  get very excited waiting for Disney to announce what that summer contest will be. Last year, however, the magic didn’t happen. There was no summer contest! This year, again May has come and gone with no contest, so we thought why not create a blog and sprinkle our summer with a little bit of pixie dust.

As a stay at home mom of 2 “only” children (our girls are 7 years apart) it can be difficult to find something that keeps everyone happy. Lucky for us Disney does just that! Our first family trip to Disney back in 2008 is when my family caught the Disney bug. We have been fortunate enough to make it to Disneyland almost every year since (even in the middle of July while 7 months pregnant with our youngest). So, when trying to think of something that could keep both my girls busy and happy during the summer, this blog was the perfect fit! I hope you enjoy following our many adventures this summer. Please subscribe and follow us so you don’t miss any of the FUN!


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