Spider-Man shorts! Perfect for Disneylands summer of Heros


Before, writing a blog was something I wasn’t even thinking about doing. I was scrolling on Pinterest and came across this super cute little mermaid dress that had been upcycled out of  bed sheets! When trying to think of activities we could do this summer, I remembered that dress and headed to my favorite thrift store to see if I could find any Disney sheets.  Imagine how excited I was when I came across this flat twin sheet of Spider-Man. With the Summer of Heroes going strong at Disneyland, this was a perfect find!

Instantly, I had the idea to upcycle this sheet into some Spider-Man shorts for my girls. Who doesn’t love Spider-Man? My youngest apparently, this idea took some convincing on my part to get her on board. To my little one, Princesses, pink, and sparkles are for girls. While super heroes, blue, and definitely spiders are for boys. As for my oldest she was on board from the start.  Now, with both of the girls on board I headed to JoAnn’s to get a couple of patterns so we could get this project started.

This project took just a little bit more time for me to complete due to having a 4 year old that is constantly in need of something i.e…..a snack, a drink, chatting about random things, and a 12 year old who can’t be separated from her phone and was too nervous to sew her own shorts because she didn’t want to mess them up. I am so happy with the way the shorts turned out and cannot wait for the girls to wear them when we go to Disneyland this September!

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