Minnie Ears for Cars 3 Release

To celebrate the release of Disney and Pixar’s new movie, Cars 3,  I bought some Die Cast cars and wanted to make a felt racetrack. This idea however was vetoed by my girls. They instead, asked to make some Cars themed Minnie ears.  I was a little shocked because our youngest daughter has wanted to play and race the cars almost daily. I thought for sure she would be into making the cars a race track, but no she wanted a new pair of Minnie ears.


We made our very first pair of Minnie ears for a Disney summer contest a few years ago.  Being a bit of a perfectionist and wanting our ears to be as nice as possible so I researched for a templet online and found one I liked on 2kidsandlosing.blogspot.com. I liked this templet the best because she has an awesome printable templet and a video tutorial. I no longer use this templet and make my own but wanted to give credit to the blog that helped us make our first pair of ears.


For our Cars themed ears my first choice was Lighting McQueen, but those were too obvious a choice. Thinking over the other favorite characters, I found myself looking at Fillmore the resident, organic fuel loving, hippie, VW van and, viola, inspiration hit. We were going to make tie-dye, peace, love, and flower ears!


I really like the way these ears turned out! Do you get Fillmore from what we created? Let us know what you think.

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