Summer Treat

One treat that is a must in this house during the summer months are popsicles. During The Disney Stores twice yearly sale, I found these cute Mickey ice treat molds. I remember making homemade popsicles when I was a kid and I thought these would make a good afternoon activity for my girls this summer.


My youngest was super excited and could not wait for the Mickey ice treat molds to arrive. They arrived just as the girls were returning from a trip to their Nana’s (and our oldest was off again to have a sleep over at a friend’s house.) That afternoon with the help from my youngest we made our first batch of popsicles.

They were really simple too make. I just had to pour in some juice, put on the lids and place in freezer. Hardest part was having to wait for them to freeze! The next morning, she could not wait any longer and asked if she could have one of her popsicles.

Do you have any special treats you make for the summer? What do you think of the popsicle molds? We do not make anything off sharing this product with you, just thought they were a healthy, cute and really fun treat.


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