Sharpie Art

We live in the desert and this week we are having a heat wave, expecting temps as high as 115. When it gets this hot I like to not do anything that requires being outside in the afternoon.  I try to get everything done first thing in the morning such as going to the grocery store, going swimming, or letting the kids run around a playground. This leaves plenty of time to try to find ways to entertain my kids.

One of the ideas I had was a 4th of July project, where we would use sharpies and rubbing alcohol to create a picture of fire works going off behind the Disney castle. Obviously, we ran out of time to do this before the 4th but needing a way to beat the heat and my husband having 4 days off in a row, we turned it into the perfect family project instead.


Here is what we used for this project:

acrylic paints


paint brushes


rubbing alcohol

spray bottle and dropper

We started by drawing templates of Mickey and the Disneyland Castle and tracing the templet onto our canvas. Then we painted the inside of what we just traced and added a little bit of texture to help catch the Sharpie color. Once this was done we were ready to color our canvas with Sharpies. When you have your canvas colored in the way you want (hint, the more area you color the better) it’s time to start spraying or dropping rubbing alcohol onto your drawing. You can now let the sharpie run down or do a slow circular motion to spread the bleeding ink around.


This was the first time we have attempted this project, so it took some time to get the hang of what we were doing. We didn’t get our paintings to turn out the way I had envisioned it in my head but we had some “happy accidents” along the way. With that said, it was a fun activity that we got to do as a family and I really like the way they turned out!


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