Hummingbird Nectar

I  that this post isn’t necessarily a Disney craft, but sometimes you have to take a queue from the Disney Princesses and make friends with the birds!

Last year we bought a house in an area with a lot of humming birds! I love humming birds, they remind me of my Grandma Evelyn. So we put a humming bird feeder in our back yard and this way we could see them every day. I also remembered learning that humming birds can become familiar with you and eventually will eat out of a hand held feeder. How fun would that be!

We had put humming bird feeders out at our last home but never really got any hummingbirds. So I did a little research on the care of hummingbird feeders and nectar recipes. The nectar I was using was good, its a 4:1 ratio of water to sugar, boiled for 5 min, cooled and refrigerated. What I didn’t realize is that the nectar can ferment so its best to only put a days worth of nectar in at a time. To clean simply rinse with hot water.


When we first put out our feeder we had 1 hummingbird that came to visit daily. Now we have a dozen little finches, a dove and about 4 humming birds that all rotate through.  One of the hummingbirds is starting to get comfortable and will fly right up to us!



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