The Perfect Classroom!

On Monday our little one will be starting kindergarten!  We got her registered and requested the school supply list back in June. We’ve had our “back to school” shopping done for weeks now, and finally her teacher assignment came in the mail!

Starting kindergarten is scary for kids with a new teacher, new friends, new rules, and new routines. So with this in mind, we decided to attend the schools orientation and teacher meet and greet yesterday. After the orientation was over, the kids got to walk the hallways to find their classrooms and meet their new teachers. As we walked down the hall looking for her teacher’s name, we came to a room COMPLETELY decorated with MICKEY MOUSE!  I got really excited and thought this would be a fun room and then I realized it was going to be her classroom! Once we got inside she was so excited that Mickey was everywhere that she kept pointing all the Mickeys out to me. After finding her seat and meeting her teacher, I think she is ready for the upcoming year.

20170812_101636-1Sorry I didn’t get a lot of class room pictures, I will try to take more in a couple of weeks.

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