Creating a Homework Station

Our school year has officially begun! Our girls went into kindergarten and 7th grade. I found myself not ready for this school year to start.  Not sure why, it could be because our summer was 2 weeks shorter than normal,  or our oldest is almost in high school, or that our youngest started kindergarten.  Honestly, I think I was dreading the homework struggle the most!

A couple days before our school year started, I looked over at my husband and asked if he remembered what elementary school homework was like?! It was a struggle and a fight with our oldest and she is a very chill and laid back kid. Our youngest is the exact opposite and will question and fight us on everything. Last year, in preschool if she thought something like writing her name was too hard she just wouldn’t do it! Homework for the next two weeks is going to be learning to write her first and last name correctly. The first week has already proven to be a struggle, we decided to try some different strategies to see if we could find something that worked.  So far we have been unsuccessful, everyday she would end up in tears and take easily over an hour to write her name 5 times!

So this weekend I created a little Disney themed work station and some fun reusable work sheets for her to trace and practice writing her name. For my first project, I mod podged 2 plastic containers with some scrap Disney princess fabric to create a place for her homework supplies (i.e. pencils, expo markers, crayons, glue sticks, scissors etc..)

Next, we needed to come up with a system to help her learn to write her name and numbers. Wanting a way that wouldn’t waste a lot of paper and be a little green we created a binder with reusable, traceable pages. For this we needed a binder, some page protectors, dotted lined paper, and some stickers. To create our reusable pages, I wrote on dotted lined paper (see pictures below) and put them into a plastic page protector that I decorated with stickers.

So far she seems to like this system, we will see if it provides any help with our home work situation!

Update: We will also be adding a letter of the week page!

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